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In an effort to maintain the voice of the generous contributors, the answers have been posted with little editing: we only fixed up some punctuation and removed any personal identifying information. 

We're Keeping it Real!

- What a fun night! We were so proud of her. I am looking forward to seeing what she can accomplish this next year. I was shocked with how far she has come since December. Thank you Ms. Keri, we truly appreciate you as a dance teacher!

- The girls talked non stop about dance tonight. My kids love you and there is a good reason why. 

- Such a great place! Beautifully done performance and the costumes were outstanding! Well done.

- Thank you Rising Stars for your dedication and your time and all the love and support you have given these students over years. Because of you they will forever know they can Reach for the Stars!!

- There are many types of activities that teach our children life lessons, but children in our community are being taught with love by you!!!!! Thank you for all you do.  

- Thank you Teacher Keri for continuing years of greatness!! 

- Mrs. Keri always goes the extra mile. Her classes are more than dancing!!! 

- My daughter has been dancing at Rising Stars Dance Studio for many years and has loved every moment of it, I highly recommend this studio!

- Keri is an amazing teacher and mentor!! Great with children and staying focused! Talented and fun! Thank you rising stars!

- Such a great program! Keri is an awesome instructor! My two girls started when they were 2 1/2 and we can't say enough good things about the program. They have grown so much and very excited to continue. 

- My daughter has been in dance classes since she was 2, and now is 7 1/2. Teacher Keri is gifted at working with young children and keeps dance positive and fun. Dance at Rising Stars has been really good for our daughter -- she may never be a great dancer, but she now has so much more coordination and poise and ability to engage in music and movement. And for the kids who have more natural abilities, I've seen some fabulous dancing from them at the studio. I highly recommend this studio!  

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