Class Description

Toddler Dance program 
Ages, 18mos - 3yrs 

Our toddler class is designed for little movers! The class is the perfect introduction to music and movement for the young child not ready to separate but ready to explore. The student's caregiver will join our weekly practice session during peek enrollment seasons (September and October, January and February and July and August). Students are introduced to the basic elements of dance, while learning how to become an independent dancer. At Rising Stars we strive to provide a safe, fun and caring environment for your little star! 

Small Stars Dance Program

Ages, 31/2 - 4yrs 


Students are introduced to basic steps and terminology in ballet, tap and gymnastics. Our instructors use imagination games, upbeat age appropriate music and props like ribbons, scarves, bean bags, cones, hula hoops, pom-poms and tumbling mats to inspire and excite dance practice. Small stars will help your child build upper strength, increase flexibility and coordination, which can be beneficial to other physical activities, sports and in everyday life.    

Ballet Program
​●Level 1: Ages 5-6   ●
Level 2: Ages 7-8   ●Level 3: Ages 9+

Level 1: Students will learn terminology, coordination, and basic positions of the arms and feet. They will be introduced to a basic barre exercise, Demi Plié,​ Relevé, Tendu, Dégagé, Demi Battement, Fondue and Rond de Jambe. Additional exercises are learned in centre floor, Arabesque, Demi Pointe, Changement, Chasse, Pas de Basque, Pas de Bourrée, Pas de Bras and their first jump, Suaté. Across-the-floor combinations, traveling Chasse forward, traveling Chasse second, Skipping, Waltz steps, Waltz turns, Demi Jete and Grand Jete.


Level 2: Students will build upon all exercises and techniques learned in Ballet 1. Adding Grand Battement and Frappé to their barre warm up, Pas de Chat, Pirouette Prep at centre floor and Chaine and Pique turns across-the-floor. Students will also begin to coordinate the arms with the leg movements.

Level 3: Students will build upon all exercises and techniques learned in Ballet 1 and Ballet 2. They will concentrate on graceful movements and expressions. Students will learn short variations in centre, execute one pirouette on the right and left sides and demonstrate 1st, 2nd, 3rd and fourth Arabesque.

Tap Program
​Level 1: Ages 5-6   Level 2: Ages 7-8   Level 3: Ages 9+

This class will focus on becoming an all-around tap & jazz dance performer. Students will learn proper technique, terminology and be coached on their performing skills. Often pom-poms are incorporated into jazz dancing. Tap & jazz classes are structured with center floor stretching, across the floor technique, center floor combinations and routine work. 

Hip Hop Program
Level 1: Ages 5-6   ●
Level 2: Ages 7-8   Level 3: Ages 9+


Hip Hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music. It includes a wide range of styles such as breaking, locking, popping and free styling. The opportunity to develop their own sense of style. Our Hip Hop classes teach rhythm and coordination without suggestive music or movements. Hip Hop is designed to help the dancer loosen up and have fun in an aerobic workout. This is an excellent class for high-energy kids who want to take a fast and fun dance class and gain confidence.  

Dance Team Program 
Ages 3+

Small Stars Team, All Stars Team, Super Star Team & Elite Team

(Invite only,Prior dance experience is required)


Dance Team and Tap Team represent our studio during seasonal half time shows for Washington State, University of Idaho and high school sporting events! Team emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship and stage presence. The perfect program designed for dedicated students who love an extra push in dance class, enjoy disciplined dance technique/ choreography and LOVE to perform! Dance Team involves a one-year commitment. 

tn is OPEN for fall classes. We'd love to meet your family! Check out the schedule and reserve your spot today.          

Registrations are open and classes are filling up fast. To schedule a drop-in class, contact Keri at (509) 432-6961

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